New Staff Parking Regulations & Guidelines

Faculty/Staff Parking Guidelines


A valid Duncanville ISD parking permit is required to park on any Duncanville ISD campus/facility Monday-Friday 7:00 AM-5:00 PM. 

Duncanville ISD employees are provided parking access at no charge. All employees must register their vehicle(s) utilizing the online form.  Up to three (3) vehicles per employee may be entered.  A visit to the Duncanville ISD Police Department and/or designated location is required to obtain the parking permit.

Each employee must adhere to the following regulations while parked on district campuses/facilities:

  1. Park in employee designated parking areas only.  Authorization to park in special areas can only be granted by written permission from the Campus Administrator and/or Duncanville ISD Police Department. 
  2. All permits are tied to the vehicle's license plate. 
  3. Parking permits and license plates must be visible at all times. 
  4. Temporary/paper license plates should be used until permanent plates are affixed to the vehicle. 
  5. Vehicle License Plates MUST BE ACCURATE on the registration formAn incorrect number/letter will cause a vehicle to not be properly identified and may result in further actions. 
  6. Permit owners are responsible for updating their vehicle information/registration form if:
  1. they purchase and/or acquire a different vehicle
  2. the vehicle is assigned a new license plate number or
  3. a temporary vehicle (including family vehicles or rental vehicles) is parked on the district campus/facility.  o campus i.e. rental and/or borrowed
  4. Temporary vehicles should be removed when they are no longer parking on the district campus/facility.

Parking permits are transferable from the permit owner's vehicle to another vehicle in their possession. The permit is NOT transferable from person to person.


  1. Enforced on any Duncanville ISD campus/facility Monday-Friday 7:00 AM-5:00 PM. 
  2. Specifically enforced – (See Citation List below)

Any area not specifically designated for parking is considered a “no parking zone” and vehicles risk being towed and/or cited if parked in these areas.  Duncanville’s ISD parking regulations do NOT allow exceptions for vehicles with hazard lights flashing and/or for improperly parked vehicles for even a very limited duration.

Designated handicap parking spaces are for the exclusive use of,

  1. vehicles displaying handicap hangtags or disabled license plates
  2. AND the handicap hangtag or disabled license plate MUST be registered to the Duncanville ISD employee parked in the designated space.

Parking enforcement may include an orange warning parking notice, vehicle immobilization (a "boot"), and/or towing of the improperly parked vehicle. Necessary enforcement is at the discretion of the Duncanville ISD Police Department. 


Violators may be issued traffic citations for moving violations and/or parking citations for parking violations. Citation notices may be mailed and/or emailed to the registered owner and/or employee.  If the vehicle is not permitted or registered to a Duncanville ISD employee, it may cause delays in receiving the violation notice and/or citation. 

Traffic citations will be filed through the court having jurisdiction as indicated on the issued citation.  Parking violation infraction(s) is $20 per infraction.  

Parking lot violations/ include, but are not limited to:

Enforcement Communication

The goal of the Duncanville ISD Parking Services is to communicate prior to an enforcement action.  A citation is not the first attempt at communication by the Duncanville ISD Police/Security Department.  Signage, violation warning notices, website: phone: 972 708-3800, email: and Faculty/Staff Handbook are accessible resources to help understand parking expectations prior to parking on campus.

Email/Mailed:  Citation notices may be mailed and/or emailed to the registered vehicle owner and/or the Duncanville ISD employee responsible for the vehicle.  If the vehicle is not permitted or registered to an employee, it may cause delays in receiving the violation notice and/or citation.  Delayed email/mailed notices do not warrant citations being voided.

Multiple emails:  Individuals can add multiple email addresses to their registration form to be notified if a citation is issued. 

Stickers:  In some situations, a physical orange warning sticker will be placed on a vehicle as an attempt to communicate an important message to the owner/operator of the vehicle.  These orange warning stickers indicate an important parking issue/warning which requires action.

Towing:  Duncanville ISD Police Department is under NO obligation to attempt to locate, call, or email the owner/operator of a vehicle prior to it being towed.  Any such warning effort by Duncanville ISD Police Department should be considered a courtesy (and immediately acted upon).  

Citation Appeals:

Individuals may submit an appeal to a parking citation if they believe it has been written in error. The appeal must be completed within ten (10) school days of the violation notice. Appeals beyond the ten days will NOT be considered.

The appeal process allows an individual to appeal a parking notice believed to have been issued in error. The appeal must be completed within ten (10) school days of the issuance of the citation.  Appeals beyond the ten school days will NOT be considered.

To Appeal A Citation:

Completing an appeal form available at a Duncanville ISD Police campus location, or call 972 708-3800 for further directions, a Duncanville ISD Police Officer, or the Duncanville ISD Police website: in the “forms” section. Appeals must be completed by the person responsible for driving the vehicle onto the campus/facility the day the parking citation was issued.  Appeals will only be accepted for circumstances which are not a clear violation of Duncanville ISD Parking Rules and Guidelines

  1. Failure to Display or Improperly Display Current Parking Permit
  2. Parking where prohibited by signs or markings
  3. Parking in Bus Loading Zone
  4. Blocking a crosswalk or sidewalk
  5. Parking in violation of an administration directive
  6. Stopping, standing, parking, or blocking a driving lane.
  7. Parking in an area not designated as a proper parking area
  8. Speeding over 15 mph
  9. Parking in Visitors Parking
  10. Parking in more than one space
  11. Loud Music
  12. Display of obscene, indecent or offensive language or symbols affixed to the vehicle
  13. Parking off Pavement
  14. Other Violation _____________
  15. Parking in Red Zone/ Fire Lane
  16. Parking or Blocking a Handicapped Zone