Safety Procedures

The district wants to ensure that students and staff are safe and secure at all times. Certain district-wide steps have been taken to meet these needs:

  • Code of Conduct - This document outlines the guidelines, infractions, and consequences that govern students while they are under the supervision of the district.
  • Visitors are required to sign in at all campuses.
  • Visitor badges are issued to parents and guests.
  • All outside entrances, other than the main entrance, are secure at all times. Crash bars allow students to exit from the building, but entrance from outside is limited.
  • School Resource Officers, who are peace officers with the Dallas County Schools, are stationed at Reed and Kennemer middle schools, Summit Education Center and at Duncanville High School. These officers assist those campuses as needed, and will also assist other campuses as required.
  • All staff members wear identification badges.
  • Emergency radio systems are installed on each campus.
  • Closed circuit video monitoring system

Extra safety features have been added at all secondary schools (grades 7-12):

  • All students are issued identification badges that must be visible on their person at all times.
  • Campuses have been issued hand-held metal detectors.

Duncanville High School:

  • Parking lot attendants.
  • Metal detectors are stationed at DHS and the Summit, but are portable so they can be used at other campuses as needed.