Visitor Guidelines

As part of the district’s commitment to community partnerships and the safety and security of our schools, the following district-wide Campus Visitor Guidelines have been adopted:


  1. All visitors must report to the school office, sign in, provide a photo ID, state their reason for being on campus, and obtain approval from the campus principal or his/her designee. Most of the district’s schools use a check-in system called Raptor, a visitor management and screening technology that works in conjunction with law enforcement.
  2. All visitors shall wear a visitor name badge provided by the school office.
  3. All visitors are requested to wear appropriate attire, as determined by the principal or designee, when visiting district schools.
  4. Media representatives shall arrange visits to school campuses with the Office of Communications and Public Relations (972-708-2015).

The above list is not complete; a comprehensive list of Visitor Guidelines can be found HERE.